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Benefits of an Employee Satisfaction Survey

While most companies focus on problems and weaknesses, it is just as important to clearly identify your company’s strengths. The strengths of a company provide the foundation for improvement.

Much in the same way that a medical diagnostic procedure clearly identifies problem areas in a patient and forms a basis for treatment, the Employee Satisfaction Survey accomplishes that same task. Simply throwing solutions at a situation without first pinpointing the specific problem(s) is inefficient and often causes further difficulties. The survey report forms the basis of a blueprint for interventions.

The relationship between and among people at all levels of your company is paramount to your company’s success and longevity. We view all companies as teams. When employees view your company as their team, your chances of meeting your goals and expectations are dramatically increased.

When executive management is excited about a survey, the enthusiasm is carried throughout the company. Interestingly when there is excitement, the mere fact that a survey is being conducted sends a very positive message to the employees. They interpret such an action as being given a voice.

It has been demonstrated repeatedly in research that investing in your employees is investing in your company’s success and future. The United States Department of Labor has clearly identified the connection between companies who continuously seek to improve employee practices and the bottom line financial results of those companies. Surveying your employees is the only means of objectively identifying those factors so critical to the success of your company. When the results are utilized properly, a comprehensive, well-designed survey and subsequent findings have the potential to result in a positive effect on the bottom line of your company, the ultimate goal of any business.
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