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Best Companies Beat The Stock Market

Research demonstrates a strong link between workplace culture and a business’s financial performance.

Best Companies Beat the Stock Market

Research has demonstrated that the stock of companies on the Fortune 100 Best Companies list produce more than three times the gains of the broad market. The positive relationship between employees and management that exists in these companies is directly responsible for the increased financial benefits.

Russell Investment Group Analysis

Every year Russell analysts compare the performance of a stock portfolio based on the Fortune 100 Best list to other indices. Those stocks on the 100 Best List produced a cumulative return of 176%, while those on the Russell 3000 Index were 42% and the S&P 500 only 39%.


Chart A illustrates the increase in value per $100.00 invested in the Fortune 100 Best List vs. the Russell 3000 index and the S&P 500.

Chart B illustrates the cumulative return on investment in the Fortune 100 Best List vs. the Russell 3000 index and the S&P 500.

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