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Again, rather than segment types of surveys, SurveyYourCompany.com typically assesses for eighteen different dimensions. The dimensions cover an array of typical company concerns, but questions are designed specifically for your company. Such issues as employee effectiveness, job satisfaction, compensation, and corporate culture are all queried.

Because our office utilizes a multi-disciplinary approach to patient care, we harness the benefits of this same approach in evaluating companies. When necessary and appropriate, we employ the expertise of our therapists, educational specialists, speech and language pathologists, and medical doctors in evaluating specific answers and making recommendations. Our additional resources include banking, financial planning, and legal expertise. The combination of all professionals provides views from different perspectives. It provides a higher level of analysis in each of the disciplines than anything that can be provided by a single entity.

Especially in the follow-up process, we believe it is our responsibility to coordinate services for your company. The crocheting of the information gathered in the dimensions into a highly useful, effective fabric is the second-to-last step in the survey process, but is the true key to understanding your employees.

Ultimately, it is up to the company management to decide which recommendations to implement. When the survey process is thorough and complete, problematic areas and strengths are clearly obviated. So many times the sole focus of discussion is around weaknesses. The exploration of your company strengths is a very important aspect of any survey analysis.
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