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How do I know when to survey employees?

Several factors should be considered when deciding when to survey your employees, but two of those factors are paramount to answering the question.

If your company employee retention rate is significantly below industry standards, reasons for employee exits should be investigated. While many companies conduct exit surveys, answers upon exit may not be forthright or forthcoming. Gathering pertinent information before an exit is being proactive rather than reactive. This strategy can eliminate problems before they become terminal.

Significant and/or rapid growth, significant and/or rapid consolidation, a change of ownership, a traumatic event, a generalized feeling of malcontent, and other such factors are signals that employees should be surveyed. Executives must have a finger of the pulse of their workforce in order to be effective. Most successful companies survey employees on a regular basis, usually between two and four years. This prevents the perception that the surveys are only done in times of problems.

How do we get started?

A member of executive management or the head of Human Resources typically contacts us. A meeting with all of executive management is scheduled to gain an understanding of your particular company ambience and to begin to define the specific needs of your company. The initial meeting is usually three to four hours. We ask for a company organizational chart prior to the meeting so that we can become familiar with your structure.

How is the analysis done?

The raw data captured by the physical survey forms are input into a custom proprietary program that provides a thorough statistical analysis question-by-question and dimension-by-dimension. The highly visual data generated provides insight into the key strengths and weaknesses and highlights the priorities for improvement. A comprehensive analysis report is written by hand analyzing the responses throughout all the dimensions surveyed.

How long is the process?

We know that in today’s fast-paced world, people want answers quickly. We also know that an impersonal computer analysis of the data alone will not generate all of the information so vital to proper management. For this reason we prioritize the quality of the information gleaned from the survey over expediency. Our multidisciplinary professionals evaluate the information, make individual analyses and recommendations, and then meet together before beginning the generation of the report. Depending upon the size of your company, a reasonable estimate of the process is two to three months.

Throughout the process we stay in contact with a liaison from your company. Again, we view the process as teamwork and not as two separate entities. This constant communication allows us to make modifications during the process rather than after its completion. No one knows your company better than you and your executive staff, which makes your continuous input vital to a superior outcome.

Once completed, two copies of the final report plus a CD with all report elements are delivered. We suggest our meeting with your executive staff be approximately a week later in order to give executive management an opportunity to digest the wealth of information contained in the report. At that meeting an arrangement for feedback meetings throughout your company should be discussed along with the timeline for such an activity.

Employees should be made aware of survey results and that feedback meetings will be forthcoming. These should be done within about two weeks after release of survey results so that information is fresh in every employee’s mind. Once the meetings have taken place and feedback forms have been filled out and collected, we suggest another executive meeting so we can thoroughly discuss the feedback with you and your staff, making any additional recommendations as necessary. Often times, the feedback meeting yields information as valuable as the survey itself.

How much does a survey cost?

As with any project we delineate all costs prior to beginning a project and after the initial meeting in a full disclosure agreement. Costs can vary from project to project. We welcome the opportunity to discuss pricing with you.
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