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Other Business Services

Because of our multi-disciplinary structure, we are able to offer additional business services. These services are designed to enhance the strengths of your company and provide you with resources to meet your needs. We would be most pleased to discuss other available services at your convenience.


We are often asked to consult for companies on a variety of issues because of our expertise in industrial/organizational psychology including organization and communication. Our depth of resources allows provide valuable, third party, objective input.

Crisis Management

Even the best of planning cannot eliminate every crisis. When a significant crisis arises, it is often best to retain an objective third party to help stabilize that, which has been disrupted. Successfully helping employees or an entire company navigate through a difficulty can mean the difference between moving forward and ceasing to exist.

Personnel Issues

Many companies have very good Human Resource departments. A highly skilled director of HR is a very important asset to any company. On occasion HR made require assistance on particular issues involving employees, policies, or practices. This is another area where we function as a team member along side those already in place.

Accent Reduction

A number of companies have chosen to offer employees onsite assistance with accent reduction. Many employees would like to communicate in a clearer fashion with fellow employees but lack the clarity. Accent reduction reduces embarrassment while enhancing self-esteem. Accent reduction is especially important when an employee rises through the company and has more responsibilities with a greater number of people.


Many companies already have a good Employee Assistance Program in place. The EAP’s generally contract with providers to allow for instant access. There are times when a source outside of the regular EAP would be considered appropriate, especially on very sensitive matters.
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