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The Survey Process

The signs of a successful company are longevity in the marketplace and employee retention. Each company is a microcosm society with its own needs, focuses, resources, and formal and informal hierarchy. Awareness of those factors is key to good management. Too often the different levels of the company staff have lost touch with one another. In a successful company the different levels of the company work together toward common goals. Understanding your employees and having them understand your company’s mission and goals provides insight for the smooth integration of personnel. Rather than executive management making assumptions, the company survey provides objective information and valid feedback with which an astute executive can make informed decisions.

Our philosophy is unique in the industry. In an age where others seek to automatize the survey process for expediency, SurveyYourCompany.com believes that if one wants to know people, one must operate at a “people” level. As psychologists, we view the company as the client. Therefore, we deem assessing or prescribing treatment for a client by “remote” as unconscionable and ultimately ineffective. Additionally, the perception created by direct contact is far more personal and as important as any gleaned information.

Prior to any survey a thorough needs assessment should be undertaken. Often times using a generic survey does not properly identify the specific needs of your company. We meet with staff as many times as necessary in order to truly understand your company. Our private social networking site allows interaction with the employees of your company when it is convenient for them and in a secure manner. We recommend the use of the Internet for educational purposes for all company staff members. With the precision of financial comparison websites like lovemoney.com, many questions can be answered. Employees who are better informed about economics will be more understanding of your company's needs thereby providing educated suggestions applicable to the growth of your company. This process of needs assessment and education provides a method to formulate a better designed survey and more accurate responses.

We believe in comprehensive employee surveys, and our custom surveys are some of the most extensive in the industry. We believe that once a company has made the decision to survey their employees, the survey should be complete enough to address all dimensions. When abbreviated surveys are used, not all company variables are identified. This means that, in all likelihood, more surveys will have to be done. Multiple surveys for multiple purposes is time-consuming, inefficient and often an inconvenience to productivity. We ask management to work with us as teammates in designing their employee survey.

A time task outline is developed for company survey distribution and collection, with confidentiality of responses as a priority. Results are then analyzed, and our report is produced including preliminary recommendations. In most companies the results of a company survey are made known to all employees, and structured feedback sessions are done so that employees feel their efforts in filling out the surveys were appreciated and their opinions valued. The results of feedback usually produce more recommendations. When utilized properly, a thorough survey process has the potential to unite your company behind a common goal. Gathering opinions on various topics in a piecemeal fashion produces disintegrated results that can be confusing and counterproductive.
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